Top 10 Interesting Facts About Craps

Craps is one of the most exciting (casino) ( ) games today. It is a fun-filled game if you know how to play it effectively. With this excitement comes several confusing rules and lingo. You need to understand how it works. The following are some few facts about the game

1. Not all bets have bad odds

Players normally get overwhelmed by the complexity associated with playing craps. A regular gambler who has not yet studied the rules of the game might fail to understand what’s going on. However, craps offers the best bets if the player knows how to effectively play.

2. Craps is a fun game

Most players join the gambling industry to have fun. It shouldn’t be a source of income since sometimes there’s losing. Craps is the best fun game since it combines several elements of a fun gambling game. For example, it has both high level suspense and social interaction.

3. Skills of other players can benefit you.

In craps, all players play at the same time. Therefore, if one player is good at betting and rolling the dice, you can study them and see how good they are. That way, you will know whether to bet with them or not.

4. The craps basic strategy is simple

For you to do well in craps, you only need to understand how a handful of bets work, and ignore everything else. Although most people say that craps needs a lot of expert knowledge, understanding the basic strategy only could give you an edge over the casino.

The strategy will help you when choosing your bets. Remember craps is a hands-on game. Therefore, you can't just pull a level or pick a color. You need to master the basic strategy first if you want to know how the game is played.

5. You get to throw the dice.

Craps allows you to either throw the dice yourself or pass it to the next player. Throwing it yourself is more fun especially in a land-based casino. However, you might need to throw a few times to get the hang of it. Don't get scared because even experts make mistakes.

6. Craps offers the lowest house edge on the best bets.

Some bets such as the odds six or eight have a house edge of 0%. Others like the Place six and Place eight have a house edge of 1.52% each. Usually, the bets don’t work on a come-out roll. Therefore, when you bet, the bets remain intact.

7. Casinos Love New Craps Players

Honestly, casinos know the level of risk when it comes to playing craps. The game has many bad bets that work to the advantage of the casino. You may be easily enticed by the available draw and therefore make huge bets. This generates a lot of money for the casino.

8. Craps has plenty of betting options

Although the probability of making bad bets here is high, there is quite a wide range of options for you. The most important thing is to choose wisely and don’t wager with huge sums of money. This will reduce the risks of losing a lot of money.

9. Learn the game language

Craps is one casino game that has its own language. If you are a new player, the conversation at the play table might scare you. There are specific terms that you should learn first. For example, Easy Four that refers to a roll of 1 and 3.

10. Hedging bets doesn’t always work.

Some craps players like hedging their bets anyhow. Hedging is practically placing multiple bets on different outcomes so that there is minimal risk. While this might work in positive-expectation values, it won’t work in house-banked games. There is no winning guarantee in such games as craps.

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, craps can sometimes be intimidating due the different bets that feature on the table. You’ll see thin bars, boxes and oddly shaped spaces that represent different wagers. Do not let this bar you from enjoying the fun at any casino of your choice.